Events Catering. Eating on the edge of your seat.

Whether it’s 100 or 50 000 visitors wanting to buy food at an event, Main Event Catering can deliver the right solution that will leave your visitors with a good taste in their mouth.

We have a proud track record of successful events catering, so we know what it takes to cater for any event, whether intimate or large-scale. And because we understand what goes into making all kinds of events a success, we have what it takes to deliver great-tasting mass catering of the highest standard.

From sophisticated modern menus to finger foods, fast foods and snacks, our menus are designed to impress. We are always aware of the latest food trends and pride ourselves on presenting our food in fresh and appealing ways.

Main Event Catering offers various options when it comes to drinks and refreshments. Wines are paired with the meal offering and the bar can be as extensive or limited as required.

With trained staff and expert kitchens that strive for the best quality, you can rest assured that your requirements will be met ... which means one less thing you have to stress about.